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Read our success stories and what our clients say about having us with them throughout their birth experience.

Charmaine and Brian testimonial
Charmaine and Brian
Ali and Rob

I felt so comfortable with Beth and Sarah from the very beginning - from the moment my husband and I met them, we felt an instant connection.  This was my first pregnancy and I've known for a long time that I would want to have my baby at home.  Prenatal care was superb with time given to discuss issues with both me and my husband - we loved the atmosphere and felt very secure throughout my pregnancy. Beth and Sarah also supported me when minor issues arose requiring obstetric care. When the time came to labor, I trusted Beth completely and was able to relax into the job at hand. I could follow any suggestions or instructions she gave me with the complete security; I never wasted any energy second-guessing her. She allowed me to follow my instincts throughout the process while giving me the love and support I needed to stay focused and remain "in my body" throughout the course of labor.  She was fully present without ever seeming to intrude on the privacy of the experience. I have wonderful memories of my son's birth, thanks in large part to the support Beth provided. My birth was everything that I had hoped for - intense, but relaxed. My sweet baby was born into my husband's loving hands with Beth's gentle guidance. When I'm pregnant again, Beth will be the first person we call. I can't imagine going through this journey again with anyone else.


~ Charmaine, Brian and Jackson


Collaborating with Beth in the care of the women we serve has been a privilege and a joy. Beth is the essence of what a midwife should be. Empathic and skilled with the patience of a saint and our community is richer for it. Thank you, Beth, for finding your passion and sharing it with all of us.

~Dr. Stuart Fischbein

I am a midwife and Beth Cannon is my choice to deliver my babies. She is responsible and gentle with a great heart.

~Kerin Asher Galloway, CNM

Beth and her team are the most wonderful, caring and professional midwives. I had both my babies at home with in the tub, and I could not have asked for a better more
magical experience. Thank you Beth for helping to bring both my little angels earthside with love, compassion and grace.


~Mari Oxenberg, CNM

I want to thank you, Beth, for being such a wonderful, knowledgeable, and loving guide throughout my pregnancy. Being that this was my first child, I was extremely nervous about the upcoming child birthing process. And the comfort, education, and all of the helpful hints along the way, that were passed on to me from Beth were so very helpful. I felt like I knew what to expect, how I would probably feel, and what I, and my partner, could do to help ourselves through the entire journey. Beth even helped me to understand how important the perineal massage is, and in the end, it did prevent me from having any tears or stitches during childbirth, I was so proud! And I will always cherish the heartfelt guidance, compassion,  and tons of love that Beth surrounded me with throughout my term.  I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a smooth, loving, self assured life bearing journey to make sure that Beth is part of the team. She was me and my family's angel, and still is. We love you Beth, cheers!


~ Ali, Rob, and Maya Goettling

Baby's Grasp
Sarah Shahi

I had Beth during the homebirth of my twins (one was breech btw). I would never ever dream of having anyone else. She took such incredible care of me the entire time from pregnancy to birth and after. Her care is more than just “ her job.” She has such a deep level of love for her patients and her babies. She was so attentive the entire time, checking me, checking the babies, answered every text and call no matter the time. She’s tireless in her work and so devoted to every single one. I often felt like I was her only patient considering how often we communicated. She’ll always have a place in my heart for how secure and loved she made me feel.

~Sarah Shahi

Newborn Baby
Marcia + Family

We had a fantastic experience working with Beth and would recommend her to anyone looking for support without hesitation. She is calm, thoughtful, caring, skilled and knowledgeable. From prenatal care through postpartum care and everything in between, our experience was made better by having Beth on our team.


Matt Cohen 

Beth Cannon and her team are a breath of fresh air in the modern world of pregnancy, birthing, labor, and delivery! There really are no words to describe the care, knowledge,
preparation and comfort that is given from Beth. In a time of misguided information and ridiculous internet articles, you can trust that Beth will deliver you the best and most
honest truth that is available. Trust is important, but so is capability, and she delivers on both to the maximum degree. I would trust her with any life and especially the precious new ones that deserve to be brought into this world with peace and tranquility. Basically, she is a goddess doing the work that she was meant to do!


~Matt Cohen, father of Macklin Cohen, delivered delightfully April 12, 2015

Newborn Baby

Beth, Laura and Juli were a dream team for me and my husband. Their prenatal meetings brought me more education about childbirth and baby care than any of my
prior knowledge and classes combined. They were kind, attentive to detail, funny, serious, loving, and professional. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this
incredible group of women who ushered our baby into this world in the most powerful way I never could have dreamed up on my own.


~Ashley Williams, Actress, Producer, and Mom of Two

Kelly Meehan

My midwife Beth Cannon was truly wonderful and healing from the first prenatal to after birth postpartum. She and her team took excellent care of my family. I was looking to birth my 2nd at 41 years old and I knew I needed an open
minded and very educated midwife. A midwife that could support many issues under pressure if needed and that has seen and been to all kinds if births.  I needed someone who could hold space and intervene when needed using not only science my spirit energy of the heart. I got all that with Birthing Rhythm Midwifery!  It was an amazing birth experience and so deep and spiritual. I discovered when one is allowed to listen to the body and baby then beautiful moments from labor to birth are
acknowledged. Especially, since I had anxieties after my first birth and really needed to feel heard, safe, and trusted by my care provider.  I joked that my midwives were my psychotherapists always listening to my big emotions and giving space to process. That allowed my birth to be better. I was treated with kindness, respect, and love. I always recommend Beth's services to anyone from conception to postpartum. Our family is deeply grateful to her and her team. We hold a bond in our hearts forever of gratitude! We love her!


~Kelly Meehan, Rene Tabotabo, brother Rain and baby brother Forest (born at home) Birth Story:

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